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Closet Organizer User Research, Marketing Brief, Visual Identity & App Onboarding UI

Executive Summary

An entrepreneurial exploration into app-assisted closet organization.

I had recently gone through the pain and joy of moving, part of which involved getting rid of 2/3 of my accumulated clothes. In the process of doing so, I tried a few different closet organization apps, but wasn't satisfied by any of them, especially because of their overly complex onboarding processes -- which, in turn, inspired me to create something better.

However, I didn't want to rely on my own, narrow, experiences alone, so I undertook a mini-brainstorm to identify at least 3 different "extreme users / need-havers" around closet organizing.

Once I finished those interviews, I put together a Shark-Tank style pitch, which included a competitive landscape analysis and a logical breakdown of the highest-potential, most-likely scalable functionalities in this space.

Then I began to wireframe an onboarding flow, which I turned into a high-fidelity interactive mockup for further concept validation and testing.

Tools used:

  • Miro, for online whiteboarding (research, brainstorming, wireframing)

  • Figma, for branding design & high-fidelity interactive onboarding prototype

Miro brainstorm & rapid research board:

Interactive prototype

More details to come...


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