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401(k) + Crypto Account Admin Dashboard

Executive Summary:

ForUsAll's at-the-time soon-to-be-launched cryptocurrency investment window was going to need a no-code account administration solution in order for the Operations team specialists to be able to scale their support of this new, groundbreaking product.

I partnered with with a product manager, whose role it was to define a never-before-attempted workflow (there was no "standard way to do this" to pattern from), and created mid- and high-resolution interactive prototypes to facilitate early conversations with future-user partners.

This design co-evolved with the new ForUsAll Design System (associated project post linked), which was heavily informed by the advanced technical use cases I encountered as I deepened this design.

Tools used:

  • Figma (separate component and style libraries which co-evolved with this project) for both mid- and high-fidelity design, as well as interaction design

More details coming soon.


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