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Brand Refresh & Comms Audit for a Fintech in Growth Mode

Executive Summary

ForUsAll was in the midst of a challenging, first-to-market product launch of a first-of-its-kind cryptocurrency investment option in the defined contribution / 401(k) space. The newly-hired VP of Marketing and VP of Sales were both looking to hit newly-defined metrics for client onboarding. I worked with both, and supported the articulation of an Ideal Client Profile ("ICP") that would help the company focus its business development on high-potential, long-term clients.

To support the various outbound marketing efforts, I worked closely with the VP of Marketing and his org to refresh the visual identity of the company; the goal was specifically not a full re-brand (that takes a lot of focus, and it didn't make sense to pull focus off our upcoming product launch, especially since we were already making headlines with our existing name), but rather, a "refresh" that would make a discernible and high-quality visual alignment obvious across all collateral generated by the company; this included, but was not limited to: mailers, business cards, the website, sub-sites, conference booth collateral, internal and external documentation, presentations, PDFs etc.

I designed some of these assets myself, however more importantly, in collaboration with the marketing team, I created new visual identity guidelines and a library of approved assets, which allowed us to scale our efforts.


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