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Branding & Design System for an Ad-Driven, White-Labeled Android Mobile Content App

Executive Summary:

I was brought in to lead the product design efforts of a company that had stood up a content discovery platform in 5 years. The platform had grown organically and lacked UX standardization in both execution and internal processes.

I was brought in to fix the superficial problems that the executive team was able to articulate. However, I was able to do that while identifying, articulating, and organizing efforts to solve a deeper problem: the prevalence of blockers in cross-team collaboration.

The Design System I spearheaded was the first of its kind in the organization, and became a cornerstone in a company-wide business process optimization effort that not only improved the quality of product output, but did so by clarifying the roles and intersections between different team functions (Design, Product, Engineering, QA, Publishing, Marketing).

"Before and After" beauty & feature shots

Designing an attractive product while meeting some carrier's requirements was particularly tricky, given the amount of legal jargon they would require us to insert during the opt-in process:


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